Network Troubleshooting and Services

This website is the university project of students no need to declare rights of data(images and text).

The journey of  Net Pro began in May 2014. The organization began with 4 headcount and from that point forward we presently have more than 15 people in the family. Our income has likewise developed in excess of multiple times since beginning. The organization begun by situating herself as a Value Added Distributor. 

The quick changing scene of ICT has additionally constrained the organization to execute changes and change to the organization systems. In June 2013, we have started our voyage to change ourselves as a Value Added Solution Distributors. Our Specialization of Connectivity, Availability, Security and Virtualization has been realign and presentation of new specialization. Pushing ahead, our attention will be on IT Infrastructure, Security, Availability, Optimization and Visibility and Control. 

Be it a Small or Large business, be it a server farm or Cloud usage necessities, we give you answers for interface your clients, secure your gadgets and applications and guarantee your Online Services is up 24 x 7 to serve our clients. Together with our complete administrations contributions, we guarantee fruitful usage, upkeep and preparing of your IT staff.